DIY Zipper Top from a T-Shirt #zippertop
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DIY Zipper Top from a T-Shirt #zippertop

DIY Zipper Top from a T-Shirt

Upcycled T-shirt projects come in handy those days when I look in my closet and think, I have nothing to wear! Sound familiar? Laura, from Trash to Couture, came up with this pretty DIY Zipper Top and has a real knack for turning something old into something new. She's also transformed T-shirts into a Women's Dolman Top and the Butterfly Twist Tee that is great for summer. While you're at it, sew up the Hot Mess T-shirt Dress, or put your zippers to use with the Zipper and Bow Clutch. Check out the DIY Zipper T-Shirt tutorial after the jump...


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